Thursday, May 7, 2009

Important Strategy for Increasing Traffic

Until now I still continue to perform the optimization to increase traffic, there are some important strategies that have to do:

1. Email Marketing: I have to send an email to several friends and family, with the blog link on each message so easy to achieve.

2. Search Engines: I've put the URL to many search engines with the manual to make it more secure for the website / blog, and I always update the content with specific keywords to display relevant content for our users various search engines. Three popular search engines and allows us to get traffic and free for add URL: Google,Yahoo and MSN.

3. Blog Directory: Many blog directory that offers links to the website / blog us, but you should be more careful because not all the blog directory provides benefits for the website / blogs us.

4. Social Media: Allow me to communicate with the blogger to exchange information via short messages. The popular media at this time that I have already use such as Twitter and Facebook.

5. Discussion Forum: To discuss with people around the world by adding a signature below the message reply.

This is a strategy technique that I've done and still needs to be improved to be more effective. Analysis of periodically continue to do to find My way in increasing the popularity of My website. Even more important strategy that has been done and is still in research stage.

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  1. Thank you for the useful suggestions !! I will consider all of them as I found them pretty useful and effective!


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