Friday, September 11, 2009

Aeroméxico Hijacked by the Bolivian Priest

hijacked Airplane MexicoA man from Bolivia who hold the Bible, Wednesday 9 September 2009, hijacked an airplane Mexico with the number of 104 passengers. He said it was a mission from God, but the incident ended quickly and without bloodshed. Jose Flores Pereira March (44) told police he was a Protestant pastor. He hijacked Aeroméxico Boeing 737 shortly after takeoff from tourist resort Cancun to Mexico City.

Jose who had brought a fake bomb demanded to speak with Mexican President Felipe Calderon as it gets a message from God to warn the people of Mexico would be a big earthquake will happen. The passengers, including 30 foreigners, did not realize what had happened when the pilot negotiating with Jose.

The pilot landed the plane with a smooth after about an hour got a deal to end piracy. Bolivian man who lived 17 years in Mexico, said the plane hijacked after receiving a message from God. Wednesday's date, 9/9/9, according to him, is a reverse 666 number which is the number of Satan. Aeroméxico hijacked by Bolivian priest who wanted to warn people of Mexico that would be a big disaster.

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