Thursday, September 3, 2009

Armed Men Attacked a Drug Rehab Clinics

Armed MenA group of armed men stormed a drug rehab clinic and killed 17 people in the city of Ciudad Juarez, northern Mexico, Wednesday 2 September 2009. As many as 12 masked men broke down the door drug rehab El Aliviane. They forced the patients drugs that lined the wall and then shot them. According to the prosecutor's office spokesman, Arturo Sandoval, five others were injured in the raid.

Drug gangs target the rehabilitation clinics, accused them of protecting the traders from rival gangs of them. Security forces have not received the identity of the attackers or victims. Ciudad Juarez which borders El Paso, Texas is the most violent city in Mexico, where at least 1,400 were killed this year alone. Most cases of murder drug gang-related violence.

Dozens of people flocked to the scene came to find out if there are those families who have become victims. On the same day, gunmen killed Jose Manuel Revuelta, who recently promoted two weeks ago became the deputy director of public safety Michoacan state. Revuelta is the highest official who was killed in a series of murders in Michoacan, where the headquarters of La Familia drug cartels. Three other people died in the attack.

According to the State Attorney General Jesus Montejano, Revuelta was attacked as he drove toward the house. Car Revuelta in popcorn bullets, then he tried to escape but only lasted for several blocks before confronting the two cars. Six armed men opened fire on the car Revuelta, and killed him along with two bodyguards. A truck driver who was trapped in the standard places also died.

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