Friday, September 4, 2009

Show Classic Menus in Office 2007 Ribbon

Classic Menus MS Office 2007I am very friendly with Microsoft especially with MS Office to complete the job becomes much easier and faster. Microsoft Office 2007 so friendly to the user such as Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint 2007. I have been using Microsoft Office 2007 to complete many important tasks, create a document with words or slides for a seminar with PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office 2007 has a feature different from previous versions, but maybe you difficulty in using all the features because you do not find the menu on the Ribbon. To optimize the use of the features of Microsoft Office 2007 I have been using software the best add-in for Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise to display the classic menus on the ribbons as Office 2003. There have been many people who use the classic menu in MS Office 2007 on their PCs. Show classic menus in Office 2007 ribbon will certainly speed up your performance, I've found a lot of ease of use of this software, simple and easy to install on My computer.

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