Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Electronic Media No Evidence Related to Headaches

Use electronic media no evidence related to headaches. At least this happened on the gagdet users among teenagers. This conclusion is derived from a study conducted on 1025 people in 17 years. In the study, researchers found no correlation between cell phones, computer games and television with headache and migraine.

But the study published in the journal BMC Neurology provides notes, listening to music more than two hours per day using the music player gadgets can have an effect on depression in the head. "All this use of excessive electronic media is often associated with the effects of health problems such as dizziness and pain of a certain body," said Astri Milde-Busch of the University Munich, Germany.

Astri and her team interviewed two groups of teenagers. The first group consisted of 489 people who claim to have frequent migraine headaches. Whereas the second group consisted of 536 healthy people who do not feel the headache. When both groups are compared, the results showed that watching television, playing games and using the phone or computer is not connected with headaches suffered by the user gagdet.

In addition to these findings, researchers warned, that the habit of listening to music everyday pain associated with a particular head. "However, we can not unanimously conclude whether music listening habits is the cause of frequent headaches experienced by users of electronic media. Still need research to prove it," said Astri.

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