Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intel Interested in Building Online Applications Store

Almost all ICT companies are fondness for making an online application store. The store is believed to be able to give extra for them. And Intel reportedly also interested in building an online application store, too. Intel plans to show off some of the applications designed for netbooks and mobile devices at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next. Intel wants is one strategy that hardware manufacturers who are building online stores AppUp Center, which was designed as an online store owned by Apple App Store or Google's Android Market. Later, Intel will rely on developers to fill in the application AppUp Center.

The applications in the future AppUp contains applications for laptops and mobile phones, either paid or free. Intel is hoping this project can be very successful because their applications are not limited to handheld devices only. We have several applications have been prepared in Intel's online store, such as Fring, PopCatcher, Fanomena, and Fluoh. While the rest JayCut video editor application, PhotoFlow image browser, Vagalume client, and eyesight, a useful application for users to control the webcam from their hands.

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