Sunday, March 21, 2010

Italian Police Arrest Mafia Boss by Using Facebook

Italian police continue to try to fight the Mafia, various methods were carried out to hunt the Mafia bosses who controlled the circulation of drugs, or gambling business. Facebook's presence became the most powerful tool to determine the existence of Mafia networks, and the Italian police have arrested Pasquale Manfredi successfully with the help of Facebook.

Police use a number of technological devices to determine location of Pasquale Manfredi when updating Facebook status. Just two hours ago, Pasquale had arrested at a location in Italy. Pasquale is a fugitive from the police on charges of killing his business rival with bazookas. Police chase has done since 2004, but Pasquale was always away from the pursuit. Eventually the police found a Facebook profile with the name of Georgie, who were originally suspected to be Pasquale Manfredi.

But, the police ensure that the account owner Georgie is one of the Mafia group under the leadership of Pasquale Manfredi. Italian Mafia was known to often use Facebook to recruit new members and as a means of communication between members. Therefore, the police have requested that Italian society had carelessly accept friend requests on Facebook.

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