Sunday, March 21, 2010

New System Filters for Content on DVDs

A new electronic system for the sensor function called ClearPlay now began to be applied in the UK. These systems filter out negative content contained in the DVD. Technology automatically edit the scenes which have pornographic content, violence, terrorism, racial intolerance and other negative content and regulated by the user desires.

Filtration systems that were adopted in the UK this weekend, using technology that is integrated into the latest generation of DVD players to skip on and off unwanted content based on seven categories to choose from. The system could work in hundreds of films that have been released and will be applied also to the newer films newly released to DVD within 48 hours.

"One of the big problems until now continuing debate about the choice of entertainment for children. Is the show worth watching them, or not," said Chief Andrew Duncan ClearPlay International. According to him, offered him the system can function effectively ended the debate that discusses children's entertainment. "This system allows the whole family can sit and watch the show together without fear," he said.

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