Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suicide Bombings by Two Women in Moscow

Day of mourning was held in Moscow, following the bomb blast that occurred at two stations on Monday, March 29. Russian citizens wreath was laid and lit candles at the explosion site as a sign of mourning. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed to pursue the perpetrators of the bombing is considered the worst in the last five years. Meanwhile, President Dmitry Medvedev promised to find the perpetrators and kill them blasting. President Medvedev also called the principal as a wild animal.

The explosion that caused the deaths of 39 residents, making the Russian government increase their security level. Own authorities accused the North Caucasus militants were behind the suicide bomb attack them. This explosion incidents occurred in two separate incidents, the first explosion destroyed a train that was stopped at the station Lubyanka in the morning at 08.00 local time. Lubyanka station themselves near the headquarters of Russia Domestic Security (FSB).

Then, 40 minutes later, a second explosion destroyed a train car at Park Kultury station. Russian authorities themselves said that if the explosion carried out by two women who used a belt equipped with explosives on her body. Action two principal marks the return of the 'Black Widows' who previously had terrorized Moscow a few decades ago.

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