Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robots Programmed to Fold Clothes or Towels

You are lazy folding and straightening clothes will be greatly assisted by the presence of this robot. Robot experts from the University of California, Berkeley to create a robot that is programmed to fold clothes or towels. PR2 thus the name for the robot, a humanoid robot that can be used for various purposes.

Robot is equipped with two arms on the left and right, four cameras, as well as wheeled legs which makes it easier to move to and fro.  Robot maker teams mentioned PR2 programmed to display a specific algorithm that enables it to take clothing or towel, then fold it neatly.

PR2 can be folded towels 50 sheets, but sometimes PR2 difficulty holding a towel with both, but researchers PR2 average rate could get the job done neatly by 81 percent. The average time required to fold a towel PR2 is 1.478 seconds, PR2 take sheets towels, folded, then stacked them on hangers. Pretty helpful if you include the type of people who are lazy folding and straightening towels or clothing.

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