Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 Days a Girl Trapped in a Nest of Crocodiles

Nadia Bloom, 11 years old girl who suffered from Asperger's syndrome was found alive after five days immersed in a swamp full of alligators in Florida, United States. Nadia was last seen riding a bicycle and went into the woods to make a video of nature. Kevin Brunelle, head of police in Winter Springs, Florida, said that teenage girls suffer from mosquito bites, dehydrated, and hungry, but she was fine. "I never believed in miracles, I now believe," said Brunelle.

Nadia buried in the swamp up to her waist when found. "I'm glad you found me. I do not believe you guys saved me." Nadia said the rescuers. Authorities had been searching for Nadia in a wooded area by using heat-seeking radar equipment, helicopters, bloodhounds, and a team of divers. Volunteers have also been combing the area, and they used machetes to cut grass.

The girl's father, Jeff Bloom, said: "We are overflowing with love all people. All the people around the country to pray." Nadia found James King, a member of Metro Church in Winter Springs. Bloom's family are also congregations of the church. King said, "God has led me directly to Nadia because I have been praying." The girl was then taken to the hospital and is being treated for mosquito bites, but not in a life-threatening condition.

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