Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloody Incidents in the Capital City of Thailand

Unrest in Bangkok because of the protests, which led to violence between security forces and supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, otherwise known as the "Red Shirt", in the protests that have already killed 21 people and wounding at least 900 people. Bloody incidents in the capital of Thailand was forced foreign tourists chose hastily left. Meanwhile, ongoing demonstrations since a month ago and is the worst protests in Bangkok since the 18 years.

The foreign tourists, especially from England, more fulfilling Suwarnabhumi Airport to get their plane tickets to leave Bangkok. "We're worried stuck in between the demonstrators," said British tourist, Sarah Colvin. Protests in bangkok also killed a Reuters journalist when covering the activities of the demonstrators. Reuters news agency cameraman Japanese nationals, Hiro Muramoto, was killed while covering clashes between anti demonstrators and police in Bangkok, Thailand. Hiro killed after a bullet on his chin up through the back of the head.

"Reuters is deeply grieved over the death of our colleague, Hiro Muramoto," said Reuters Editor in Chief David Schlesinger. He said the journalist is a dangerous profession when the journalist should be in the middle of the conflict in order to make coverage. "Our prayers accompany the departure of Muramoto. We also pray for the whole family he left behind," David said. I think this is a bad step taken by Thai military to disperse the demonstrators to take action massacring its own people, and so easily they use real bullets.

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