Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now the Xbox 360 has Supported USB

Microsoft finally releases an update to the mandatory Xbox 360 system. Console game now, can support USB memory, which was previously difficult to Xbox users. "Now the USB memory can work in the Xbox 360, if the user is logged into LIVE and want to make a USB storage can be easily performed. One of the storage media that we recommend are SanDisk with 8GB and 16GB capacity," explained a spokesman for Microsoft's Major Nelson.

Previously, users of this gaming console is often to criticize Microsoft. Because every time they want to save the file on a USB, or vice versa, there would be trouble. "Method earlier memory card users are only allowed to simply insert the card into the device that plugs directly into a computer and copy them using drag and drop," said Jason Andrews.

"Folders are now encrypted files, and transferred to a USB memory content from the Xbox 360, then stored in a file together," he added. Not surprisingly, some people have managed to hack on the security methods imposed on the file to create a program that extracts of content to desktop PCs. With Xbox 360 support for USB is certainly going to facilitate users in performing file storage they want.

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