Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chrome Users Increased Rapidly Compared to Other Browsers

Chrome is a browser that is quite young when compared with rival browsers. However, the growth of Chrome so fast and attracted much attention of the user. According to data released by Net Applications, the months of February and March, Google's Chrome browser has gained market share up 6.1 percent. With those results, Chrome retain position above Safari and Opera.

These results also make Chrome could cover the gap with the Mozilla Firefox is still strong with a market share of 24.1 percent. It is not impossible if Chrome will close the position with the Internet Explorer market share fell 1 percent each month. Chrome increase most likely comes from Mac users who switch from Safari, and Google has been successfully released Chrome for Mac last December. Although initially many Mac users who hate the beta version of Chrome because it has no extension or support synchronization of bookmarks.

But all the hatred that changed when a new version which was released in February. At that time, Mac users are given all the extensions or bookmarks synchronization support, with so many users choose to make the move to Chrome. Also Chrome success in taking a large share of fast because many users said that they heard Chrome faster and make a lot of users migrating from Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

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