Saturday, May 29, 2010

Copy DNA to Create Artificial Humans

Group of scientists of the United States performed with the innovation that is surprising the world because they are planning to create artificial humans. Some people question the motivation of scientists to create artificial humans. One group supports the name of knowledge, and they can not wait to see results. While some researchers call this plan as "one of the most advanced project in the history of knowledge".

It's only a handful of views and responses. Of course there are still some people or groups who choose a pro or con with certain considerations. When people react to and debate, a group of scientists led molecular biologist Craig Venter just kept going, and they remain in the original plan. Craig Venter and his team introduced the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) latest. Tues regarded as a copy of this DNA to create artificial humans.

Quite difficult to explain the type and function of this DNA, and DNA will be incorporated into the nucleus of living cells that contain microorganisms semi-synthesis. Craig has not been able to describe in detail about the outcome of its latest projects. For the time being, all humans can only fantasize about this imitation. Some scientists suppose could about the human clone. "Like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or Frankenstein," said an expert in molecular biology from Vanderbilt University in which Dr. Anthony Forster.

"Genomic synthesis," as Anthony calls the project undertaken by a team of Craig Venter. He was proud that Craig's team can create a copy of which is owned chemical on the human genome. "This project is one proof of the resurrection of knowledge innovation," said Anthony Forster. Ready humans with innovations like this? Each person is entitled to cast their respective answers. Certainly, U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered the commission of biotechnology to browse this synthesis project.

They were asked to report results at least six months. Obama wants to ensure this project is good for the advancement of science. However, what is being done team Craig is a great project, and it involves real human existence. The next question is it necessary supervision of Craig Vanter teamwork? Necessarily need even a little late. As stated by Executive Director Pat Mooney ETC, "There is no single oversight since the project began." Supervision increasingly difficult to do because there are no laws that govern such projects are underway Vanter Craig team.

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