Saturday, May 29, 2010

Facebook Friends List Removed without Permission of the Owner

A potential weakness in Facebook utilized an irresponsible person to mess up the user account the social networking service. Through these weaknesses, the hacker can delete your friends list without the permission of the account owner. People who are not responsible for the attack might be to combine into the gap with spam or worm to spread to as many users effectively.

By using the code published by users of Facebook, the code will be deleted one by one friends list owner account. Yet for such a code can carry out their duties then the perpetrator must trap the victim in order to run the code by clicking on the link to malicious code.

Facebook weaknesses in the security system has been known by the hacker to perform various tests, hackers have a lot of reliable ways to detect weaknesses in security systems Facebook, lived malicious or not.  For those of you who have Facebook accounts should be careful when clicking on an unknown would be to avoid the deletion of your friends list.

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