Sunday, May 16, 2010

A girl Had been Sailing Alone for Seven Months

A girl from Australia finally touched the finish line to end the sea journey round the world has she been doing for seven months. Jessica Watson 16-year-old girl has successfully become the youngest ever to sail alone, non-stop and not be guided over the surrounding world. Jessica uses her favorite red sailing boat during her voyage.

Thousands of people waited to greet the arrival of Jessica, proponents of direct Jessica cheered when they saw Jessica ship has a length of 10 meters which is entered into the Port of Sidney. Reckless actions of this girl from Australia to sail alone on the ocean was so impressive, where Jessica had to go through trials with 12-meter-high waves, and many people were skeptical and predicted Jessica would not come home alive.

When Jessica was touching the mainland for the first time in 210 days, Jessica was immediately welcomed by both parents who are considered insane who have given permission to Jessica for sailing alone. Jessica began her adventure from Sydney on October 18 last, and she sailed in a northeasterly direction through the South Pacific through the equator.

Her journey then continued southward from Cape Horn to South America, and then she crossed the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa via the Indian Ocean and then she returned again to the south of Australia. Unfortunately, even though Jessica has managed to surpass the record held by Jesse Martin at the age of 18 years, but the action this time Jessica shipping will not be formally recognized as the World Sailing Record Agency no longer continue the record of the youngest sailor.

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