Friday, May 14, 2010

Thai Police Fired on a Military Member

Increasingly heated conditions that occurred in Bangkok, Thailand today also caused incidents between the security forces. A Thai police appeared to open fire in the direction of the Thai military, where there were clashes between the military and anti-government groups. Members of the police seemed to be standing in front of police station Lumpini, Bangkok and opened fire toward a military soldier who was about to close the area toward the center of protests from groups Red Shirt.

In the latest clashes this time, a foreign journalist working for French television, France24, reportedly hit by bullet wounds while covering a protest. However unclear the condition of these journalists. Journalists whose identity remains unknown nationality at the same time, standing among the military and the group Red Shirt when he was shot. When shot, it was known journalist was holding a video camera.

Member Red Shirt direct these journalists fled to safety. Fresh blood seemed to flow from the foot of the journalists who had been shot. In addition to foreign journalists, this incident also injured a local photographer. This is not the first time journalists also became victims during an anti-government protests took place in Thailand. Previously, a Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto Japanese origin, were killed during clashes between the Red Shirt by Thai police in April.

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