Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Duck Eggs which Have a Stalk

Egg is not a strange thing for us, and certainly as one of the favorites menu. Not only that egg shells are also useful for the craftsmen to produce various kinds of handicrafts. However, what if the egg-stemmed? This is a natural phenomenon that surprising society in the town of Meulaboh, West Aceh-Indonesia, which found an egg that has a stalk.

Eggs which have a stalk was found in duck cage misconstrued one house in the town of Meulaboh, the shape of a duck egg has a stalk, which came out of a male duck. The owner was shocked when I saw the duck eggs that are released by a male duck has a stalk, and this is a strange occurrence that had never happened on his duck. To this day many people who come to see the egg. Even some people who want to buy eggs and the male duck.

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