Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Humanitarian Activists From 50 Countries Freed by Israel

12 activists from Indonesia have been carried out liberation by the Indonesian Embassy in Jordan from Israeli prisons. 10 activists from Indonesia has been acquitted, and has been in Jordan, but there are still two of the Indonesian humanitarian volunteers who were treated in Israeli hospitals for gunshot wounds. The plan they will be deported to Jordan next Thursday.

The Indonesian government is also committed to provide best services to its citizen to return to their homeland to seek liberation, and the Indonesian government to give impetus to the UN to take an active role in resolving the raid actions undertaken by the Israeli special forces in the international sea.

All humanitarian activists from various world have been imprisoned by Israel with the unpleasant treatment, but they are still in good health. All personal equipment owned by the activists are also in the confiscation by Israel, Gaza beach tragedy condemned by the entire world society, and the UN could not act quickly in dealing with the killing by Israeli action against activists of humanity

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