Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mobile Phones can Cause Mental Disturbance

Australian teenagers are now starting plagued with addictions 'text' either sms or instant messaging service via mobile phone. Addicted to the SMS will make someone feel anxious and disturbed, called 'Textaphrenia'. Many of these SMS addicts allegedly disturbance such as depression and low self-esteem. Jennie Carroll researchers from RMIT University, Melbourne, said she had learned the symptoms of mental disorder caused by too much short message, or IM. Carrill examine the impact of modern communications since 2001.

Anxiety caused by waiting for them certainty, whether the message actually reached the receiver or not, and it happened repeatedly in a day, said Jennie Carroll.  Added Jennie due to anxiety caused by such an SMS, it appears Textiety. These disorders to feel that no one else who loves himself, because no one ever sends an SMS to him/her.

"Texttaphraneia and textiety will carry a mobile phone user in the sense of 'why no one loves me, no one has contacted me," said Jennie Carroll.  Other disturbances, is losing consciousness momentarily. Often people type messages while walking and did not realize that she was crossing the road or in places that endanger the safety of others.

The young generation is very focused with the establishment of communications today, she said. In Australia, based on the Boost Mobile data, short messaging traffic increased by approximately 89 percent. A young cell phone users is estimated to sending SMS 4,000 in nine days.

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