Friday, July 2, 2010

Brazil Knocked out of World Cup 2010

Brazil coach anxiety was justified, some injured players who could not be lowered to face the Dutch. Brazil attacker can not afford to create more goals when faced with the Dutch team, and beliefs of the Dutch to win the match against Brazil, and the Dutch managed an equalizer for a 1:1.

I saw the game the two teams is quite hard, and both want to win the match to reach the semi-finals. Netherlands and Brazil both teams get a few yellow cards and one red card to players Brazil. With high spirits dutch team continues to conduct attacks that eventually led to an additional goal to 2:1 until the end of the game that brought the Dutch team to the semi-finals.

Hard game dutch teams do make emotional Brazil team, and I do not see the beautiful game balls from Brazil players, because a lot of hard games done by the Dutch team. Every game there is a winning and losing, both teams have been trying to play good, and the victory of pro-Dutch team.

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