Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Human Heads of Two of Google's Street View

Google Street View controversy just kept going, having been criticized for violating privacy, Google's service is also often soured by the photos displayed. After viewing images of human-headed horse, now Google Street View displays more oddity on the captured image. This time, Google Street View displays photos two-headed man and three-legged.

The photos were taken in the UK. Until now, the picture remains a mystery. Is that a camera error? Google does not explain it. Most likely because the image is Google Street View car taking shots twice. Men 'two-headed' is recognizable as a window cleaner, possibly caused by the effects of the image window so that the man seemed to be two.

This case is no different than a horse-headed human cases found in Aberdeen, Scotland. Photos had a chance to become a phenomenon. Section, a German citizen claimed it had met with a human-headed horse which he only spoke in English. In the UK, Google Street View has reached approximately 99 percent of the roads in the UK or approximately 238,000 miles. However, until now many people who feel disturbed by the presence of Google's camera car.

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