Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freeze All Assets Belonging Facebook

New York City Court issued a decision to freeze all assets of the company who is on Facebook. This followed a demand that posted by someone who claims to have more than 80 percent stake in Facebook. Responding to this, the Facebook take that as a reckless decision. Even the world's largest social networking that will fight for their rights in earnest.

"It seems that this decision really crap. We're obviously going to fight," said a spokesman for Facebook. Earlier, a man from New York, United States, Paul D Ceglia claims that he has approximately 84 percent stake in Facebook. Seeing the success of Facebook now, there is the possibility that this guy just admit it-confess. But, dare Ceglia is accountable for his statement. Even to prove he had the courage to fight in court.

The origin of Wellsville man filed a lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and claims that he has a written contract which proves that he has a big share in the social networking site. Ceglia accusing Zuckerberg had violated the contract that was signed in 2003. Currently, Ceglia was looking for judges who would prove the truth.

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