Thursday, July 8, 2010

34% Women chose Facebook Than Having To Go To the Toilet

United States citizens increasingly obsessed with Facebook. Even most women will admit checking Facebook before rushing to the bathroom instead. 34 percent of women presently engaged in the morning, which they say is more important than a shower or wash your face, that is checking the status on Facebook.

The survey was conducted by Lightspeed Research involving 1.605 for Oxygen Media social media users, both men and women, with age range of 18 to 54 years. In the report also found, 20 percent of women admitted to sneaking a chance to see Facebook during the night. In addition, 26 percent of them also will choose to wake up at night just to check an SMS on mobile phones.

Oxygen Media, a company engaged in NBC Universal's entertainment was also found, approximately 39 percent of all respondents had pledged himself as 'the Fiend Facebook' in May and June. While 51 percent of respondents also claimed to speak more often online than face to face directly. The most surprising, women in the survey claimed to be more confident with their virtual identity in cyberspace than in real life.

63 percent of young women in the survey also admitted to using Facebook as a tool in a relationship in your career, but 42 percent of respondents said no problem if a picture of them when drunk in the post to the social networking site. In addition, approximately 48 percent of respondents admit young women if they get the latest news from Facebook, while another 41 percent claimed to get from Twitter.

Approximately 50 percent of single women aged 18 to 34 years in the survey said no problem at all if they meet and date a man known for his single, Facebook, while single men who approve of this behavior reaches 65 percent. Six percent of young single women in the survey also admitted frequently using Facebook as a medium for 'shoot' spouses, as do 20 percent of men. Women who would rather break up via Facebook reached 9 percent, while men reached 24 percent.

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