Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breeding Black Tiger Shrimp

To meet the requirement of shrimp consumption increased, the scientists develop genetically shrimp for this type of Black Tiger Shrimp. After research and breeding for 10 years, scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) finally succeeded in developing a tiger prawn that will reduce the import of the most popular seafood in Australia.

"The shrimp reproduce it will increase the capacity of shrimp harvested in Australia from approximately 5 tons per hectare to approximately 17.5 tons per hectare. Of course this will eliminate the dependence on imports of shrimp that dominate 50 percent of the seafood market in Australia, particularly import through China and Vietnam, "said the CSIRO was represented by Director of Development The Future of Food, Bruce Lee.

Tiger shrimp were raised in ponds with high levels of salt is enough and closed-loop system. Shrimp were also fed only wheat flour mixed with fish food."There are several advantages of this breeding result, we no longer need to take the shrimp nets from the sea," said Lee. CSIRO say, hypothetically, this tiger shrimp production will be increased to 12,500 tonnes from 5,000 tonnes per year, or add revenues of about 120 million Australian dollars until the year 2020. By the way of shrimp, I love to eat shrimp, and what about you?

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