Thursday, July 8, 2010

YouTube Leanback designed to optimize the video on Google TV

YouTube wants to pamper their guests so much longer to watch the video, like watching television at home. Video-sharing site owned by Google's continuous improvement, today YouTube launches a new feature called YouTube Leanback. Here, visitors will be able to to watch the video with a larger display on the computer. Even later, this feature will be integrated into Google TV.

"YouTube Leanback will make you sit for long in front of YouTube, with conditions relaxed and entertained," says the YouTube. "Video will be adjusted to the interests of the visitors, complete with a larger display resolution and high definition, on an ongoing basis," YouTube said.

"There is no need on-click, search, or browse, because watching YouTube will be as easy as watching TV," said the YouTube. Range of existing video on YouTube can be played in accordance with the arrangements and the interest of visitors. All services will be navigated with the arrow there.

Google TV, which jointly developed the technology to Sony, Intel and Logitech, will integrate the Internet with television programming. Google introduced this service began in May. In addition to providing TV-like experience on a computer, YouTube Leanback designed to optimize video playback on Google TV.

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