Friday, July 30, 2010

United Arab Emirates Security is Threatened by the Blackberry

Government of the Arab countries (United Arab Emirates / UAE) officially revealed if the BlackBerry smartphone has the potential to be a national security threat, particularly Arab countries. According to the UAE, Blackberry user data stored outside the country, where local law would not apply if an when problems occur. Additionally the analysts in the UAE said that if the government would find it difficult to monitor the illegal use of stored data.

This step is renewing concerns about the United Arab Emirates efforts to control information flow in the Gulf countries, which include business centers in Dubai and the oil-rich nations in Abu Dhabi. Federation of seven states are actively censoring websites and other media forms that are considered dangerous enough to threaten national security and cultural values of local conservatives.

"The server made by Research in Motion BlackBerry located overseas. This makes it easier for them to refuse requests from relevant authorities personal data users," said Chairman Lucie Morillon Reporters Without Borders, which monitors the efforts to control the use of smartphones.  'The government can not access information on the BlackBerry is as easy as the information they can from local operators,' he said.

This is the second controversy related to the Blackberry in the UAE. A year ago, the largest cellular operator in the country to find if BlackBerry unwittingly encourage users to install software that allows outsiders to peek inside the device. Unfortunately, the government has never fully explained what happened in the case.  According to regulators, it is a form of anticipation after hearing many complaints related to management of user data in the RIM Blackberry stored which can be misused.

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