Monday, August 2, 2010

File Sharing Sites are Blocked in Bulgaria

Entertainment industry in Bulgaria continue their mission to combat illegal file sharing in the country. Four sites have been closed in Bulgaria after the investigation for months by a special unit of cyber crime. Action is performed after having previously been a complaint from the Bulgarian Association of Music Producers (BAMP) relating to the use of illegal music files. "This mission shows the number and the big advantage of the criminals involved. It also shows how big piracy problem in Bulgaria," said Executive Director of the Ina Kileva BAMP.

It was announced that, rapidadd, and apparently run by a network of organized crime syndicates and illegally distribute books, movies, games, music and software piracy on a large scale. Bulgaria Police believe that the users pay about 2.5 million Euros to access these sites and their revenues also increased due to advertising revenue.

"It is troubling the composers and musicians, making it difficult to establish the legal digital music market. The officers of Digital Crime Unit be congratulated for their work in defending intellectual property rights. With actions, Bulgaria can develop a digital economy in the future, "added Ina Kileva. The investigators have discovered several Internet service providers have a server that contains more than 120 Terabit content without officially licensed, equal to 200,000 pieces of CDs.

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