Friday, October 8, 2010

New species of Frog is Green with Pink Eye

A green frog with pink eye the size of your thumb together with 200 other new species have been discovered in Papua New Guinea. The discovery was announced by Conservational International, based on the results of two expeditions that have been conducted in two South Pacific island in 2009.

The expedition was found, 24 new species of frogs, some spiders and insects, including about 100 ants and dragonflies, that has never existed in any previous scientific literature. "This discovery tells us that our knowledge of how small this world," said expedition team leader Stephen Richards.

"We have many worries about the loss of biodiversity and animal, and after this discovery, we would even think that very little knowledge about biodiversity and animal we know," he added. In April 2009, the scientists flew to Nakanai Mountains in New Britain, Papua New Guinea, then browse through kanoe boat, on foot and helicopters to reach the destination of the expedition. There they found many interesting fauna.

The team also found a strange little frog is only 2cm in size only, which had been thought only to live in the Solomon Islands. "It is a surprise to find the species," said the scientist who lives in Australia. The second expedition, in September 2009, taking place in the Muller Mountains Range in Southern Highlands province, Papua New Guinea. The scientists found some kind of grasshopper.

"The discovery of this new species is very significant because it helps document the diversity on this planet, and more importantly, to let you know if we do not care about the planet, then we will lose them, So this discovery is the result of work that is essential for biological experts out there," said Craig Franklin, a professor of zoology at University of Queensland, in Australia.

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