Friday, October 8, 2010

Oracle Allegation is Denied by Google

Still remember the allegations Oracle to Google about Android patent problem? Well, Google has issued a response to allegations of patent infringement in Android by Oracle. In a court filing, Google refused to seven charges of patent infringement related to Dalvik virtual machine that is used in Android and ask for sole copyright infringement claims to be dismissed.

The company was also accused Oracle is full of hypocrisy. They said that prior to Oracle's takeover of Sun has been vocal support open source Java Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK), but it is not compatible with reality. "Only a few months later, Oracle announced that it would acquire Sun. Since then, Oracle Corp. and Sun has ignored the request of the open source community for open source Java platform," said Google spokesman.

Oracle Corp. filed for patent and copyright infringement against Google Inc. over the Android software, for reasons of technology from the acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. in January last. By Oracle, Sun Java technology allows developers to write programs that work on different operating systems and on different computers. This software runs on mobile devices milaran since last year. Google's Android, the smartphone operating system, is one of the OS that uses this technology.

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