Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hackers Tried to Disable Wikileaks

Disclosure of confidential documents by Wikileaks web site make the site into the world spotlight. The controversial site was the target of hacker attacks. Several times recorded attacks since Wikileaks announced it will reveal more than 250,000 secret documents. "We've just got DDoS attacks," Wikileaks wrote in a Twitter account. This is not the first attack since a few hours before the site upload new documents similar attack happen so that the site difficult to access.

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is a type of attack that is often used hackers to cripple Web sites and online network. To do so, the perpetrators usually exploit strike force of many computers that have been infiltrated by malicious programs or viruses. These computers remotely commanded to overwhelm a visit to the site that are targeted.  Simultaneous attack will cause high traffic that will be difficult for other visitors to access, even to make the server down.

 In a statement, called Wikileaks DDos attack both reach 10 Gbps. However, the target of attack rather than on the main server. Currently Wikileaks identified using several separate servers. Its main servers are mentioned Amazon in Seattle who is also the largest provider of online shops in the U.S.. In addition, Wikileaks also reported using a server in Ireland, Sweden, and France.

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