Thursday, December 2, 2010

NASA Press Conference About Alien

U.S. space agency NASA will conduct a conference about the possibility of other creatures on Planet Earth. This is surprising because the first time NASA held a meeting about aliens. The meeting itself is planned to be held on Thursday, December 2, 2010, local time. NASA did not say bluntly about the possibility of a meeting that discussed the alien problem.

Because the invitation received by journalists in the U.S., they will discuss about the related science fields Astrobiology. Astrobiology is the science dealing with his own study of life in places other than Earth. NASA officials will discuss this issue itself consists of the director of the Astrobiology program, Mary Voytek, USGS research Astrobiology Felisa Wolfe-Simon, Goddard astrobiologist Pamela Conrad, ASU professor James Elser, and founder of Applied Molecular Evolution Steven Benner.

Indeed some observers have cautioned that the presence of experts in the field of Astrobiology are invited to attend the press conference should not be construed as an indicator of the fact that they are called there to explain to the people of alien life have been found. Optimism is something that is very positive but awareness needs to be applied to an announcement like this. In addition there are many other findings related to Astrobiology and Astronomy can be done.


  1. Most people dont even realise there living a lie.
    Of course there are aliens, you realy think we are the only one on this planet, left alone in the UNIVERSE? people we are not alone. The truth about our existense is denied to us, because the elite wants to control this world (and they do). For many, many, many years this elite past on there ideas and sick ways thru bloodlines, who still exist today. So they can keep being in control. They give us tons of useless information to procces. So we keep our minds of the real important things. Most people dont question things, becouse they beleve the first thing they've been told. This world is so messed up, that if you would clean it, not much would be left. We are a slave race, with the idea of being free. And the worst thing is... we will never wake up in time.

    NASA allready knows about Reptillians, tall whites, greys, and many human-like aliens. Some are among us and we would walk right past them. NASA (who has there strings attatched to the elite) lets us beleve there are no buildings on the moon, no city's on mars, no life on other planets. No connection to earth, for the truth may come out. I would love to explain everything to you in this comment, but the info is out there, just need to know where to look. See and hear everything. Dont make any assumtions untill you see a pattern, until you FEEL this pattern through the lies of the elite.
    Find all that is exposd and draw your conclusion.
    Good Luck Truth Seekers,

    Thomas R.
    The Netherlands, (small country, endless minds)


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