Saturday, December 18, 2010

Speed LTE HSPA Reached More Than 560 Mbps

Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) ensure that if the operator is able to present data speeds over 650 Mbps. All this can happen thanks to HSPA standards promoted by the NSN and T-Mobile USA. Long Term Evolution of HSPA (LTE HSPA) will improve the performance of mobile broadband with speeds similar to that promised by LTE Advanced. NSN Party said that the standardization of this technology aims to accelerate the implementation of commercial broadband later in 2013.

"We strongly believe in the evolution of HSPA in parallel to the development of LTE and LTE Advanced further, Long Term Evolution HSPA enables us to improve the performance of 4G broadband network beyond the current capability. The technology is planned to be ready in the near future, and provide sufficient space for growth and increased speed. As customer demand to increase wireless data, we are able to compete by relying on broad, speed and track the evolution of our mobile broadband services, "said Neville Ray, chief technology officer of T-Mobile USA.

Platform Single Radio Access Network (RAN) belonging to NSN has been prepared for the Long Term Evolution HSPA. Operators will have a smooth evolution path to handle network traffic increases as cost control with the introduction of new technology. In addition, all features of Long Term Evolution HSPA backward compatible and can be used in conjunction with WCDMA and HSPA mobile phone on the same operator.

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