Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thief Wrote Messages on the Facebook Wall of the Victim

Effect of human life up until now even greater. Included are used by the thief to show loot to the victims. A thief in the United States recently have the heart to upload photos to the wall loot the victim, who was none other than the owner of the goods have been stolen.

"Thanks for all the goods,"wrote a thief to his victim through a facebook wall. Burglar displays pictures of himself by appearing complete with stolen goods such as iPods, laptops and cash. According to the victim, Marc Fisher who was also an editor of the Washington Post, the thief allegedly was the person who has stolen in his home on Friday last week.

The jacket was used by a thief is his favorite jacket, said Marc Fisher.The police who handle cases of theft are also convinced that the thief in the house of Fisher is a man on Facebook Fisher. "I have seen many cases, but this is the stupidest criminal I have ever seen," said the Washington DC police officer Kyle Roe.

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