Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ancient Shark Found in Mining

A miner found a fossil bones of ancient shark jaw in a mine in central Kentucky. The fossil will be on display at the University of Kentucky. The fossil was found in Webster County, Kentucky, by the age of 25 years old miner named Jay Wright who worked in the mines as deep as 210 meters.

Fossil jawbone 300 million-year-old is believed to come from an ancient shark species that formerly Edestus swim in the sea, which is now its territory into regions of Kentucky. "Jeez, what is this?" Jay Wright said, when I first found the fossil.

Jerry Weisenfluh, Associate Director of the Kentucky Geological Survey in Lexington, Kentucky, says that finding fossils with large size is quite rare. The fossil is now being exhibited in building the Mines and Minerals, England.

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