Friday, April 1, 2011

Oil Companies Discovered Fossil Ankylosaurus

An oil company workers in Canada were surprised to find dinosaur fossils in northern Alberta. In fact, hundreds of years ago, the area is covered by water. "We never found dinosaur fossils in this location. Therefore, this area originally is the sea. Most of us have encountered was invertebrate species such as clams and ammonite," said curator of Alberta's Royal Tyrell Museum of Donald Henderson.

Fossils found in it a kind of Ankylosaurus, namely plant-eating dinosaur with a strong leg and a tail like a wooden bat. Ankylosaurus was thought to have found a length of 5 meters wide and 2 meters. "Simply amazing because the fossil is still in good condition. It is also a complete dinosaur fossil was first owned by the province," said Donald.

A worker found the fossil itusaat Suncor Energy itself was clean soil before work. He immediately stopped his work and providing opportunities for scientists to move the bone, and sends it to the Royal Tyrell Museum. Last important fossils found in northern Alberta is the giant reptiles called ichthyosaurs. The fossil was found near Fort McMurray, 10 years ago.

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