Saturday, June 4, 2011

Intel's Support for the Cloud

More and more people and devices connected to the Internet will lead to rapid growth in cloud-based services. Explained Intel Corporation Executive Vice President Sean Maloney cloud services will be moved to storage, synchronization and entertainment, and Intel is ready to grow with it. He said that a new Intel-based servers required for each of approximately 600 new smartphone or every 122 new tablet that connects to the Internet.

He also emphasized the company's vision "Cloud 2015" on the world interoperabitas cloud, which allows different companies to share data over private and public cloud; network that allows the movement of workloads among servers in the datacenter and in order to optimize energy efficiency and intelligent systems capable of supporting cloud other devices through sorting applications, command, and processes.

He also emphasized the important role of Taiwan's IT industry in the transformation of the next computation. He called for collective innovation that will bring the industry into the next era in which computing takes a new shape and become increasingly widespread and affordable. "Taiwan's IT industry will play a role in realizing this vision," said Sean Maloney.

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