Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick Reaction to See the Color red

According to a recent study published in the U.S. journal, Emotion, human reaction to be faster and stronger when he saw red. The research team measured the reaction of students and students in two different experiments. In the first experiment, 30 students in grade 4 to grade 10 were asked to open the latch of the iron. Before doing so they read out loud the number of participants each of which is written with crayon-colored red or gray.

Meanwhile, in the second trial, approximately 46 students asked to clench their hands as tight as possible while reading the word 'hit' on a computer screen. The article has latas red, blue or gray. In each experiment, the red color was able to increase the reaction of each participant. Students who read the red background able to clench their hands with maximal strength than those who read the background blue or gray.

While in the first trial, not just the level of force increases, but the reaction rate also increased when participants saw red. This discovery could be aimed at applications in the field of sport or other activity that requires such a reaction, such as lifting weights. But the researchers warned that energy is produced from red color that tends to not last long.

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