Sunday, August 14, 2011

Android Market Developer Harmed

A number of application developers who discussed on the forums Android Market, said that the amount of money they earn royalties that are not proportional to the number of applications have been sold. These problems began to surface after a developer post a complaint on the forums on July 26.

"Something that I knew that in the last two days, that the list of royalty payments do not match the list of applications that are sold. Oh no, I paid half of the number of applications that have been sold homemade!" wrote one of these developers. Currently customers in the Android Market application that uses a credit card charge and characterized through Google Checkout, but not so for the developers, because the transparency of the payment is still unclear.

Discussion of complaint from the developers that lasted for days until Google made ​​an official statement. "Thank you for your patience. We're very concerned about these issues, and plan to fix it. If the repair is complete, then the amount of royalties received will also receive corrections. So when in July the amount of royalties is still wrong, it will be marked. From 1 September, will also be accompanied royalty payments previously wrong, "wrote Google's party. According to Google, for this problem there will not be a big improvement, they will simply be more proactive in contacting the application developers who are disadvantaged.

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  1. Apple App store doesn't have these kinds of problems why does Google ?? And it sucks you work your butt off to develop apps and then get ripped of by the market Google need to fix this up ASAP


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