Sunday, August 14, 2011

LinkedIn has Violated The Privacy of Users

Dutch politician cast criticism and questions related to advertising in business-based social networking LinkedIn judged to have violated someone's privacy laws. Since last June, LinkedIn testing the service advertisement. Some ads include a photo of the user is known for ads that are known to some of the services are of interest to the user in question for later broadcast to other users.

One politician, Jeroen Recourt, judging this ad techniques violate privacy of Internet users and has filed a petition to investigate the legality in the Netherlands to the Minister of Law. Responding to the complaint, and to hear criticism of its users directly, LinkedIn finally confirmed that it will immediately discontinue participation in the ad photo in its services. The Netherlands is known is the country's largest LinkedIn users about 30 percent, although the U.S. is still noted as the country with the number of users in the world.

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