Saturday, September 17, 2011

New found Invisible Planet

Researchers from Harvard University have discovered a new planet called Invisible Planet. A lead researcher Sarah Ballard says, the planet is actually not really invisible, but scientists at Harvard concluded its presence on the pretext of "Planet can exert influence of other planets".

"Invisible Planet was discovered near the constellation Lyra constellation which lies 650 light years from Earth. Then we called him Kepler 19c," Sarah said. Kepler 19c, further Astronomy Harvard graduate student, have an irregular orbit, the planet's rotation is completed during the five minutes atu more than five minutes.

"This shows, that other planet's gravity could pull 19c Kepler orbit, causing inconsistencies in length. Means Kepler 19c intimidated by the other planets," she concluded. She said the discovery of Kepler 19c is a powerful example of the first discovery of a method that previously seemed absurd even considered just a theory.

"As already explained, the method that is to see the new planet's orbit is compared with the nearest planets. This method was used by astronomer Alexis Bouvard that identifies the Neptune 150 years ago," said Sarah. To note, the discovery of Kepler 19c is part of NASA's Kepler mission, which was launched in 2009 with the primary mission of finding alien planets throughout the galaxy.

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