Saturday, September 17, 2011

The World's First 3D Home Theater Sound

LG Electronics brings home theater sound with the feel of the world's first 3D. Taking the name HX906TX LG, LG Adri audio device is set up to improve the satisfaction of enjoying a 3D TV. "The presence of LG HX906TX put LG as a pioneer of 3D audio device nuanced. The device is ready to bring users more involved in the 3D viewing experience to enjoy the wealth of sounds and composition through sound good, "said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company.

LG Hx906TX privilege carries the sound with 9.1 channel. This design consists of four speakers with 5.1 channel looming in the wake tallboy design. What makes it special, there is a reflector device 360 ​​degrees body pinned to the top of each speaker. In the presence of these devices and sub-woofers, LG has a total of 10 valves HX906TX speakers that fully supports the creation of audio and acoustic clarity surrounding the entire room.

Complementing the performance, LG Sound technologies embed Expansion & 3D Sound Field Analyzer. Work is in charge of special technology to analyze and organize the necessary breadth of sounds according to the area where the LG HX906TX placed. "As a result, the overall enjoyment of audio quality in the room. This allows you to share the pleasure of enjoying it together with friends and family, "said Havis Kwon again.

Pleasure users will be more complete with a Full HD 3D Picture in LG HX906TX. With the power of 12-bit and the 4.096-level gradation, LG home theater offers a presentation of images is very natural, subtle and fascinating in showing detail. Not only that, the LG HX906TX also reinforced a media player capable to handle various media formats with high resolution. Among Blu-ray disc, DVD, MKV, and DivX HD.

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