Friday, January 27, 2012

Android Apps Infected With Malware

Symantec reported, approximately five million Android users could have been a victim of fraud malware, which is packaged as 13 different applications and come from three different publishers. Symantec dubbed malware attacks such as "Android.Counterclank". Malware that has a wide variety of titles, ranging from "Sexy Girls Puzzle" to "Counter Strike Ground Force."

"It seems they are not pnerbit really exist. This is not an application rebundled, as we have a lot we saw earlier," said Kevin Haley, Director of Security Response Team. A common tactic used by malware authors Android, they resemble a legitimate application with attack code, then do a re-release to the market in the hope that users will be confused to distinguish between genuine and fake.

By combining the total number of downloaded applications, Symantec estimates the impact is in the range of one million users at the lowest point, and five million users at the highest point. Android.Counterclank is a Trojan horse that when installed on a smartphone Android, would work to collect various information, including copies of bookmarks and handset makers. In addition, this malware also modifies the browser.

Although the infected applications require a large number of privileges which must be approved by the user, and only a few bothered to read their requests. "If you are the type of critical, may be wondering why they asked for permission to modify the browser or send GPS coordinates," but most people do not bother "said Kevin Haley. Some of the 13 applications that have been identified Symantec, already circulating in the Android Market for at least one month, according to the revision dates posted on the e-store.

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