Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mozilla Developed the Apps Store

Mozilla was a serious climb to build its own operating system project that is named Boot to Gecko (B2G). It is expected that Mozilla will soon announce his new platform at the Mobile World Congress 2012 next week.

B2G is itself a cross-platform operating system and device, because it's based mobile browser that supports HTML5. Well, it was rumored that B2G would require a separate application, which means that Mozilla will bring Mozilla Apps Store or a Marketplace to distribute their applications.

"We will soon announce the Mozilla Web Apps platform, which is a tripartite approach to developers to build applications to a higher level," Mozilla said in a statement.  Although Mozilla has explicitly announced the presence of online stores, it is expected that the Marketplace will also provide a neutral territory for the mobile operating system to come.

The presence of new services is of course out simboisi mutualism for mozilla and developers, especially with the theme that it is web apps, to save costs. The company is hoping that the combination of open standards for development will be an attractive approach for developers.

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