Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wifi Hard Drive Using Cloud Technology

Technological developments in the category of data storage devices become more sophisticated, after the Cloud-based system that has recently campaigned aggressively, now present data storage media wireless (WiFi) use the technique Cloud, with real physical infrastructure in the hands of users.

"GoFlex Satellite serves to bridge the physical infrastructure of mobile data storage hardware, with wireless connections that can be used simultaneously, with a maximum of three the number of access devices" said Renee Doenggio, Country Manager, Seagate Technology

Seagate's data storage products is a solution to the growing need for storage capacity data (files, music, video, photos, or documents) to the user's smart phone, notebook or PC. That said, this is an innovative step from Seagate to meet market demand.

GoFlex Satellite has an easy to use interface. In addition, he says, "Users can change language settings, can classify any data in it, ranging from music files, office files, and other data". GoFlex Satellite range capability is able to reach a radius of 9 meters. GoFlex Satellite supports multiple operating systems and multimedia platform that is in it,

"Media Sync can be run on two platforms Mac and Android. GoFlex Satellite is very easy in a file sharing "he added. Currently, Seagate has been holding iBox to promote mobile data storage products nirkabeli. This collaboration is expected to attract customers and be able to increase sales figures.

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