Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Online Fraud Protection

When this happens a lot of online fraud action. Symantec's program Online Fraud Protection. This program is designed to protect businesses that make the volume of financial transactions to avoid large losses from online fraud is now available, including phishing and pharming. Online fraud is a significant problem faced by all organizations that do business online. Symantec's latest report is Internet security threats, volume XIII released in April 2008 that indicates that the threat of online fraud against companies and consumer organizations.

In the last six months of 2007, Symantec observed more than 85,000 phishing hosts. Fraud attacks become more sophisticated and increasingly targeting business customers and devastating. Organization generally less effective to overcome online fraud. Symantec's Global Intelligence Network also Provide a comprehensive view of Internet attacks. Security intelligence activities is based on data collected from in the world. Symantec's Global Intelligence Network that analyzes data from more than 2 million email accounts, 120 million system and over 40,000 devices in more than 200 countries.

Online fraud protection include:
Phishing monitoring:
Phishing attacks on the client's brand. Transaction monitoring: Review on the back-end transaction systems and blocks fraudulent activities.
Online Fraud countermeasures:
To respond quickly to the attack to minimize losses and protect the reputation of the brand
working with ISPs to reduce the activities of fraudsters.
Malware Intelligence and Analysis:
Provides monitoring of malware targeting specific and the brand new malware analysis behavior.
Education and Consumer Protection:
Help organizations educate and protect their customers from online enduser
threats and minimize risk fraud.

From the above data should protect ourselves from online fraud to minimize the losses that will occur. Many antivirus software that can protect you, so do not wait, especially before they occur.

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