Saturday, November 15, 2008

Optimization WAN

Increased productivity means that the user need quick access to applications, which usually require a local server to the user. But that's contrary to the regulations, which will recommend to centralized servers to facilitate the reputation and backup data center. WAN applications, which tend to be slow because that is not able to understand the application and WAN performance. No help more and more content-rich in the WAN.

The performance of low priority because the applications to compete with the critical resources for WAN applications. In addition, the lack of manageability occurred because of how the application and make a WAN can not be seen. Key from the WAN Optimization is the compression and caching, acceleration, application visibility and control. Each region cut costs and increase productivity.

They also improve access to share resources, enhance recovery, enable the roll-out new applications, reducing the time to problem-shoot, much the spread of automation devices and, ultimately, manage the site without local staff. In addition to this, users improve productivity, save money applications such as VoIP enabled applications and can get a critical priority.

Compression and caching sequence needs to be done because the organization running the application with the traffic of different characteristics, needs a combination of a decrease in IT equipment to improve WAN caching capacity. In order operate on shared data in the file structure of the web page, so that they can even eliminate repetition in the modified files.

If a WAN pipe is not full, but users continue to complain about the performance of applications, the opportunity that latency is a mistake. Latency can affect the application layer on a different sometimes it's the behavior of the TCP slow applications, such as FTP and transfer applications, and sometimes the application Layer protocol. Accelerating TCP will do anything to expedite the application because they send data in small and even smaller than the TCP how, so that the open TCP window size does not help them until they are accelerated in Layer 7.

Then, TCP acceleration can also kick in to expedite the application. WAN optimization and acceleration technology designed to improve the performance of applications and to improve the user experience without having to increase bandwidth or reduce latency.

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