Thursday, November 19, 2009

Killing His Wife while Asleep

Accidentally killed his wifeBecause of sleep disorder experienced, Brian Thomas (59 years), was accidentally killed his wife, Christine (57 years), with his own hands. The man from Neath, South Wales was sentenced to a doctor experienced in sleep disorders. He could delirious while doing activities such as walking or other.

And bad things have to be experienced when Thomas and his wife was on holiday in West Wales driving their van. At midnight, they harassed a bunch of mischievous teenagers. They also decided to look for other parking locations. And when they go back to sleep, Thomas had a nightmare, these teenagers and disturb them back into the van.

The next day he was surprised to find his wife had been covered in blood beside her. Immediately, he immediately called 999. "I think I've killed my wife. I think someone went into our van. What I have done, "Thomas shouted as reporting the incident. When the police came to the scene, Thomas continued to cry and shake. The police arrived ten minutes after the call. "He is everything to me," Thomas said, sobbing.

When the investigation began, the first suspicion was pointed Thomas accidentally kills his wife for some reason. But when the medical team said he suffered from sleep disorders, the investigators began to believe. Moreover, Thomas's life history shows the various automatic movement he did when he slept during the last 50 years.

"In other words, when the murder occurred, defendant was asleep and his mind could not control what her body," said Paul Thomas, the Court Prosecutor Swansea. Witnesses was fairly easy for Thomas, where the court receives the information if they are a happy couple and were inseparable. In fact, they should soon be celebrating their wedding anniversary to 40.

Thomas's lawyer, Elwen Evans explained, the defendant was not taking anti-depressants to cope obar Parkinson symptoms during the holidays. Because it can interfere with sexual performance. "He did it because they both slept together. And the moment of impact, the sound that made noise teens brought to the level of high stress, "explained Evans. Until now, the case was tried in the Court Swansea.

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