Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remove the Ban on its Citizens to Travel to Cuba

Travel to CubaUnited States should remove the current ban on its citizens to travel to Cuba, a policy that Washington slapped efforts to promote democratic reform. Thus revealed two influential figures in the U.S. legislature. "According to U.S. law, every U.S. citizen can travel to any country on earth, whether friends or enemies of the country, with only one exception, Cuba," said Republican Senator Richard Lugar, and members of Congress from Democrats , Howard Berman.

"It is time now we remove these restrictions are anachronistic, which was imposed during the Cold War," he explained. Senator Lugar today chaired the Foreign Relations Committee, while Berman chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee, U.S. Congress. Both warned that legislation to remove restrictions that had been expressed in both the U.S. respected the forum.

Restrictions that applied in the United States since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 led the U.S. efforts to promote democracy suffers. Also, the ban was to make Washington as isolated, watching from a distance the events that occurred in the archipelago nation. "Isolation from the outside tourists, only just confirmed Castro regime," said Senator Lugar.

Although the impact of the ban was now felt real, like lifting the ban would still hampered the legislators that the anti-Castro, who still opposed the removal persistent. According to opponents of the Castro, the embargo was worth the violations committed in his country Castro regime.

Meanwhile, according to the two legislators, travel restrictions to Cuba will only exacerbate the U.S. image in Latin America, especially among those who are anti-American, they said.

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